Thursday, November 20, 2014


you guys.. how fun is it to to gift fun things to the minis in your life?!
i feel like everyone around us is sharing a 'first Christmas' with their little ones this year!!
the little {mama + mini} series has been a hit on the blog, so i figured a #giftguide for the minis would be fitting!

the clothing items listed are more because i couldn't handle myself- good gosh there is some seriously yummy stuff out there right now .... for both boys and girls!
the wooden toys are because they were the kinds of gifts we got when we were little.. mostly we still have them.. in the guest room at mama lanes house just patiently waiting for grand-babies! no worries, its not happening any time just yet- but i love that the toys my sister and i had will be the ones our kids play with one of these days!
(real talk: wooden toys over platic toys any day).

merry Christmas to all you first time mommies- hope you have the most wonderful time making new memories with your little families!


Wednesday, November 19, 2014


its day three of my 2014 holiday gift guide!!
if you missed day one (stocking stuffers) or day two (holiday guests) be sure to catch up, wouldn't want you to miss any of the holiday goodness!

today is one of my favorites of the #giftguide series... like i mentioned yesterday, giving gifts is my favorite thing.. and showing up to a holiday party with a personalized gift, a gift that you sought out with the hostess in mind is the best!

any of these holiday goodies will make any hostess smile!!

the holiday bar
wine stopper: M || pine cone one & two || jingle bell || stag 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


two things i absolutely love:
1- the holidays !!!
2- giving a thoughtful gift

its that time of the year again... all of your favorite blogs are filled with the most wonderful gift guides, ideas and holiday inspiration!
my little holiday #giftguide series started yesterday with #stockingstufferes, if you want to catch up!!
i love a good gift guide. and i love giving gifts. so a little extra thought went into this post for you sweet readers today. because if your hosting guests over the holidays - you don't want to show up empty handed or if your hosting a guest, your going to want them to feel at home and welcome.... the gift ideas listed below will do just that!

pick your favorite items and place them all in a pretty basket and you will be the most welcome house guest ever!
or place a few of your favorite items in your guest room for your guest to enjoy and your will be the the most thoughtful hostess there ever was!
hostess gift guide

Monday, November 17, 2014


its happening sooner than you think....exchanging of gifts, holidays, wrapping and unwrapping of new favorite things and more importantly: the spreading of holiday cheer!!
to kick off my 2014 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE on the blog, i am starting with a few #stockingstuffers that will make most any girl in your life smile... sister, momma, aunt, friend!

oh, and a little background on why the fresh apples and oranges made the list.. 
in germany 'st nikolaus' comes on the eve of december 6th. tradition is for all the little ones to clean and set out their boots in front of the door.. we had to start setting ours outside of the front door, because my sister was a little concerned that a big, strange, bearded man, was going to come to our bedroom door..:) so you set out your boots and the next morning you wake up to your boots full of goodies! (like we do with stockings here on Christmas morning). but at the bottom of your boots you were to always find fresh apples, oranges or even yummy chocolates if you were lucky!
we have kept the tradition in our family and on Christmas morning you are going to find a few fresh fruits in the bottom of your stockings!!


Thursday, November 13, 2014

WEEKEND (a festive one!)

yall, its just about time to think of digging out the Christmas decorations and 'decking the halls'! and Christmas music... i can hardly wait!
(may or may not have already listened to a few Christmas tunes this week, while catching up on monogram orders!!! :)
normally i stock up on decorations after the season is over and the sales are too good to pass up, but if i were to add a few goodies to the stash, these would be my picks:


wreath || antler wreath || glitter flags || 'rejoice' || garland || tea towels one / two / three
anthropologie ornaments: one / two / three / four || pine-cone ornaments
sleigh bell garland || snowball garland || tassel garland
gold & stripe tissue paper || washi tape || door mat