Monday, October 20, 2014


this mini + mama style is quickly becoming my new favorite post of the week!
not only does it fill my gift idea list for my mama friends with mini's but it makes me think outside of the maternity, post maternity boring finds to new ideas for mamas who still want to keep a cute wardrobe! now i have no experience on 'fitting into jeans when you preggo' but i hear the motivation to get back into your 'pre preggo' jeans is like motivation to fit back into your favorite skinny jeans! (i have full appreciation for that!!)

this weeks grays are so cozy and cute - i am drooling for both the picks for minis and mamas!
oh and the wooden toys your ask!? dont knock em till you've tried em!
growing up in germany most every toy was wooden, or cotton, wool or some sort of awesome material beside plastic.... at least for the majority of the time we lived there.. then slowly the plastic, easy break and funny smelling toys made their way onto the market as well.  i have always said i hope one day my kiddos can enjoy the same toys we did- guess what, amazon and other great wooden toy retailers are on board with the good stuff now too!
mini + mama

boy: sweater || sneakers || pants
girl: dress || tights || shoes




i was going to combine week 41 and 42, but catching up on last weeks verse was so powerful, that it needed its own post. i hope this verse speaks great volumes into your heart as it did mine - what a sweet, sweet reminder!

w e e k -  f o u r t y   o n e 

'And about the ninth hour Jesus cried out with a loud voice, 
saying, "Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani?" that is,
"My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?"

m a t t h e w  2 7 : 4 6 
. . .

(Matthew 13:53-58)
When Jesus was forsaken by His own family He did not give up. all alone, He reached up to His heavenly Father. This is the challenge for all of us who know the haunting reality of being forsaken. Instead of giving up, we can reach to the Lord in prayer. He is the only One who can truly identify with your feelings and needs. 
For He too knows what its to be forsaken.

(Matthew 26:36-56)
But after His disciples deserted Him, instead of giving in... Jesus reached in. Hear Him from under the olive trees of Gethsemane: "My soul is exceeding sorrowful, even to death... If it is possible, let this cup pass from Me; nevertheless, not as I will, but as You will" (Matthew 26:38-39). Our Lord did not give in to the circumstances that swirled around Him. Instead He reaches in -- into the depths of His own being to find His solace not in His own will but in the will of the One who sent Him.
Have you reached in lately? That is, have you come to the place in your own experience where you join Jesus in praying, "Not as I will, but as You will"?

(Matthew 27:33-46)
Does a loving God forsaken His own?
He did not forsake Daniel in the lions den (Daniel 6).
He did not forsake the three Hebrews in the fiery furnace of Babylon (Daniel 3)
So why is this strange cry from the lips of our Lord in His most agonizing moment? The Bible tells us that a holy God cannot look upon sin (Habakuk 1:13). ON the cross Jesus was bearing your sin and mine in His own body, suffering this punishment for our sins as though they were his own. [...] There on the cross, bearing our sin, Jesus was momentarily forsaken in order that we might never be forsaken. 

When this happened our Lord was tempted by the devil to give out, to cry 'Enough! I quit!' But instead of giving out ... He reached out. Hear from Jesus, from the cross as He reached out and said, " father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do" (Luke 23:34). Hear Him reach out to the dying thief alongside Him: "Today you will be with Me in Paradise" ( v 43). Jesus' arms are open wider than when they were stretched out on the cross. Jesus did not give out; He reached out. 

What about your own life journey?
 Have you been to Galilee or are you there now, in that place where you are so tempted to hive up? Reach up. This is the place where you surrender your will to His will.
Have your been to Gethsemane or are you there now, in that place where you are so tempted to give in? Reach in.
This is the place where you search yourself. 
Have you been to Golgotha, or are you there now, in that place where you are tempted to simply give out? Reach out. This is the place where you sacrifice your will to Him, as Christ did. 

Yes, our Lord was forsaken by His family, His friends, and His heavenly Father -- but only so we might never be forsaken. (Isaiah 53:4). What a Savior!

As you memorize this verse, meditate on the way we never experience anything in this life that Jesus Himself did not experience before us and for us. 
Forsaken? Don't give up; reach up!
Don't give in; reach in!
And don't give out, reach out!

pg 205-209

Thursday, October 16, 2014


this weekend i am stepping out of my box... its been a while since i taught a yoga class, but on saturday i'm teaching a calls at a woman's church retreat! the best part about it is, its a sunrise class!
since the sun is not coming up until 7:30am these days, it might be a pre-sunrise class!!
i can't wait- i've got a great sequence and a fun play list for these galls... namaste:)

here's what i will most likely be sporting the morning of - casual, comfortable and breathable!
i'm most excited about rockin these new 'harem pants' my mom brought back from her bali trip - they are the softest, most comfortable thing i've ever worn. so long tight yoga pants i have to peel off after a good sweaty session.. hello flowy, breathable bali pants!!
weekend warrior

weekend warrior style 
mat || water bottle || tank (on sale!) || tank (on sale!) || pants || bra || oils || towel

other links to keep you inspired this weekend: 
+ my sister and i are still on the standard process cleanse.. so nothing too fun to cook this weekend

+ we are celebrating one of my dear friends before she gets married this weekend - laid back, hill country style!! on the list of things to back: cowboy boots of course - cant wait !!

+ as soon as the cleanse is over, i will be making these bad boys!!

+ don't forget... sunday is the last day of the state fair of texas - you know you need a fletchers:)

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


happy humpday!
this #currentlyloving post is one of my favorite for sure! all things basic and green are some of my favorite things i own!
a few things that i will be adding to my closet from this post:
-- this cami - such a great layering piece for the fall!
-- having a light-weight jacket to add as you run out the door is perfect for the weekend!
-- and these boots?! love! great for rainy days in the city but also for a weekend on the ranch:) CURRENTLY LOVING
weekday :: blazer || scarf || cami || booties || bag || jeans

nail polish :: olivia || roc solid

weekend :: mug || jacket(on sale!!) || tee || necklace || bag || scarf || boots

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


mini + mama
boy: shirt || hat || vest || shoes || jeans
girl: vest || hat || dress || tights || shoes

nail polish: alma || madison 
back again with more mini + mama styles!
dressing in layers is one of my favorite things about fall, dressing little ones in little layers it just the cutest. growing up in germany we were always dressed in layers and as girls, we were always in cotton tights. these here with the ruffles are killing me!!

and this 'diaper bag'...!! see, you didn't even know it was a diaper bag until i pointed it out to you. thats how cool it is. i have a matt and nat travel wallet from a few years back and its the best quality ever...i can only imagine how wonderful this diaper/carry-all bag is!!
(sadly they dont make the travel wallet anymore, but they do have some great wallets).